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Posted by: steel 06/05/07 8:18am

Please keep all map discussions for mwcm in this thread. If it gets too long, we'll start another one, in this MWCM forum category.... please don't post about mwcm in other forum categories.

Here is the current map lineup for mwcm:

Glass Sky
716ID Strum Grenadiere
German Training Base
Beaumont Dusk
SS Haupquartier
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Micewars Fritz
SCQC Snow Arthur
Normandy Farm
RZ Garena

Just yesterday, I added the 716ID Sturm Grenadiere, Glass Sky, and put back in Wreck2, at the request of players. And also at a player's requests, I removed Mayan and Campania.

I've had requests to:

1. Reduce the map list (If you agree, tell me what you want gone. If you don't know the maps on this list, then you do not play mwcm enough that your opinion will matter much, lol)

2. Add Wolfsquare, Minas Tirith, Helm's Deep, Isengard, Omaha, and something called Muerinville that I have not been able to find anywhere. Do you want any of these maps? If so, which ones.

3. Get rid of every custom map that has an exploit, a glitch. Anyone else agree?

Not all custom maps will play nicely together. And not all custom maps will run with our mods. I have to test every map lineup on my local computer's test server to see if everything we want to run, will. The continuing goal of mwcm is to keep the best group of maps running to make the maximum number of players happy.

If you are a regular on mwcm and have a dream map line-up, feel free to post it here. If it sounds good, we can sure try it. The maps that please the most players tend to be non-spawn-rapey, mid-size, somewhere in the Laumonerie to Boulevard of Broken Dreams range.

Anyway, please post here what you would like to see added or taken away from the map lineup for mwcm. Thanks.

Posted by: livetokill 06/05/07 11:12am

well doesnt every custom map have an exploit or glitch in them and if u got rid of all the glitchy ones then there will be no more custom maps for anyone to play. The only bad thing about custom maps is that at least one or two ppl actually use the glitch or exploit to their advantage and start killing ppl outside the map. They dont even listen to warnings for mob or other ppl to get back in the map they just keep on going. Personally i think that when there is someone outside the map someone just screenshot and then post it and then the person shud either get kicked for awhile or get banned from that server.

Muerinville is not spawn rapey its a fun british map and if u want to put it in sumtime to see what it is like that wud be great



Posted by: Simbumgowa 06/07/07 11:04am

Would Love to see MWCM add Bisnarck and Minas Tirith to the map list !! That would be WOW !!

ps All the new maps are GREAT !! ( GREAT JOB STEEL ) !!!! wink.gif


Posted by: Genocide Junkie 06/07/07 11:16am

Just a thought. Although as Steel says I don't play enough for me to matter smile.gif

Can you put the favorites on that list in heavier rotation? For instance if you know EVERYONE loves Laumonerie (just an example I have no clue what they like) then can you add it say twice into that rotation? That way you get all the maps but a higher dose of the one's they love. I think we've done that some on the COD2 servers. Also our mixed maps server in COD2 would choose maps based on number of ppl on the server I believe. That might be another good thing to look into since you have such a variety of maps and sizes that don't always play well with lots of ppl or very few ppl....

Feel free to ignore any or all of this. Just posting a thought.....

Posted by: steel 06/08/07 9:20pm

I took out the least favorite maps and added some new ones, several metal maps and some other goodies. Basically, I added every map that everyone has requested in the past couple of weeks. I also made a whole bunch of changes to the server and modding, so check it out.

Geno, I think you will be pleasantly amused at the changes.

Posted by: Genocide Junkie 06/08/07 11:04pm

You know to ignore my moans and groans right? You can't please everyone and if the majority likes the lazer mutant sniper so be it.....

Posted by: steel 06/08/07 11:15pm

sure thing

Posted by: livetokill 07/01/07 6:24pm

Hey steel cud u maybe take out hauptquartier cus i dont think much people like it and nobody really does anygood on it any way

U shud put harbor in instead of hauptquartier



Posted by: steel 07/01/07 7:22pm

You've been in that map with me when I've asked everyone if they wanted it gone, yes? I've even asked if they want to rotate to the next map. And most everyone starts scream-typing NOOOO!!!

I'm looking at the map rotation right now. I've made a note that you want haptquartier gone... if more guys agree, it'll be gone pronto.

Posted by: Ci.Ci. 07/04/07 2:07pm

Hi Steel,

I think what YOU have done is beyound the call of duty and much, much more. I try to play but still hard for me. But what I've seen so far is GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

Thanks so much for putting in alot of your time to try to please everyone, which is a hard task in it's self to do. I know that Tuhcola Forest can't be put in and it saddens me to know that, But life goes on.Many,many thanks Steel.

Take Care,


Posted by: livetokill 07/10/07 10:04am

Last night while i was playin there was about like 28 ppl on and then when it went to scqc snow arthur it went down to like 10 ppl within like 1minute

i think that place shud go and so shud brecourt cus not many ppl liked it because of the modern weapons its more of classic weapons map


Posted by: steel 07/10/07 10:28am

Thanks for the information.

By the way, yesterday we had 45 people in mwcm for quite a few hours. Yippee!!

Posted by: livetokill 07/13/07 5:25pm

Alrite steel i got 7 good maps that wud bring a few ppl in to the server

Here they are

Estate Attack







Ive played all these maps and they are sweet in my point of view


Posted by: steel 07/13/07 6:49pm

Thanks for the suggestions.

Posted by: maester 07/15/07 2:07am

Personally I would suggest keeping any of the Micewars Maps when the original Micewars server was up and running that server stayed full.Then Deadelvis moved to Cod2 but theres still alot of people looking for those maps.

Posted by: steel 07/15/07 8:44am

Thanks for the suggestions. In the 2 years that I've been running MWCM, I've found the Micewars maps something of an enigma. A lot of players request them, but when I run them, the majority of players either constantly complain and/or leave.

It's a very difficult thing to find maps that please the majority of a server's niche players.

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