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Cross of Iron
THE Mechanic
Hey Cross, This is the game you have been making maps for right?

I was wondering if my rig could handle this game.

I tried to find the specs on this game with no luck.

Could you tell me what the min requirements are for this game are buddy.

The maps look huge and the eye candy awsome.

Thanks..from your UO moving Target.. tongue.gif "T.M."

Cross of Iron
specs are (Recommended)

CPU 3 ghz

1 GB ram

Nvidia6800 or above or Ati 800 and up (both with at least 256mb)

I run a Quadcore 2.33

768mb Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS

and 3 GB Ram

I have everything set high with 1900x1200 Res and get 60FPS when playing on server with upto 100 players v around 1000 AI on whole of map....

And the maps are around 500km +

Heres a good little video of actual will notice that the gameplay is the same as cutsenes.

OHHH and MIn requirements for the game are the same vid cards ,but 512mb ram and CPU 2Ghz...but its best run on the recommended ,as the servers use all the maps mostly and alot of action happens i.e Aircraft ,helos,gunfights ,tank battles ...and everything else that could happen all at once.....

IF you are thinking of geting it ,then get ARMA GOLD has its cheaper and you get the addon .....
THE Mechanic
Interesting..That videos got my blood to a boil in a good way.

The music reminds me of the Rouge six,Tom Clancy background music.

I have like 4 of those games gathering dust around here.

The problem with them was the maps were just Way to small.

anyway back to the spec's.

My rig is set up as follows:

Dell XPS gen 3 ,Pent 4

cpu 3.40 ghz but it also says 3.39ghz

2.00 gb ram...i could add another stick if needed,

I know theres room for one more.

Radeon x800xt...card..Im asuming this card has 256mb. cant find anyinfo to back that up though.I think you mentioned 512 mb would be best.

I may fall alittle short on the video card side but woulld consider buying another more powerfull card,granted it does'nt complicate things where i may need a new power suppy etc.I'm not sure how that all works you know you buy a new card then you need a new power supply to run the card etc and the snowball just grows...

I know this rig will never run cod4, cod5 and thought may be up grade this machine to run them would be nice but after reading many posts about these two games and hearing how they funnel you tward your apponent into firefights,no flanking etc,sounded to me as just another TDM type play which i have little enjoyment in playing.

Your thoughts ..up grade to a new card..add another stick of ram.and go gaming?


Cross of Iron

If your card is 512 then I wouldn`t really bother ,upgrading unless you really do want to......Ram will be OK at 2 ,as thats the min anyway.......the only thing is if you want to add a mod (and theres alot) then I would put another chunk in see the different mods go here

You will see that you can change nearly everything in the game...Sounds ,effects , music ,style of uniforms and even the weaponary...

I have played the game on min requirements ,and it does play ok ,but you may find it a bit 'LAGGY' to say ,as it doesn`t play like CoD or any kind of run and gun game ....movement of character is far more relistic then the "norm" fast sweep around of a FPS game.

The way to look at this game is to treat it as a FULL COMBAT SIM and NOT as a FPS......

It really is up to you could always get the game to see if your machine can run it as if ....or just download the demo from the above here

Hope this helps you me o`l UO target....(sry had to put that ) LOL

THE Mechanic
Hope this helps you me o`l UO target....(sry had to put that ) LOL

Ha.Ha .Ha...Thats tottaly understandable 'Cross", especially after i bought some new Rabbit shoes.It may be a little more diffacult for you to get the bead on me.. tongue.gif

I've been dieing to get a new game and this game sounds to me it may very well be the one.

I'm going to down load the demo and see what happens.

Deffinatly i'll add another stick of ram soon.

And wait and see if my card is'nt taxed too you said laggyness ,may be an issue.

yea im almost certain my card is 256mb.

Worst comes to worse i'll look into another card down the road.

Thanks for your help Cross.

P.S. been thinking about getting a TaT like the one you have on your bicep,but the damn thing would wrap around my chicken wing bicep like 6 times so...i decided againt would look Pathetic. hysterical.gif


Cross of Iron
LOL I could just see the dragon on yer arm now....nice head and body then the tail wraps round and disappears up its own arse.....LOL

THE Mechanic
Cross ,This game runs like a champ.

Of coarse its the demo but runs very nicely no hickups so far.

I'm definately going to add ram and i should be good to go.

You say to get the Gold Version..will do for sure.

To learn comands etc..are not that hard either.

Well i'm off to helocopter training so I got to go...

Yea im psyched..finally a new game to play with no major upgrades.

Thanks again partner..I'f you see a pile of burning rubble on the ground thats probebly me learning how to fly...LoL.


Cross of Iron
LOL....first time I went up in the UH 60 I crashed into the 2 Vipers sitting on the tarmac...thank god I didn`t get the bill.............

Glad it runs smooth.........

I will be selling me card next month ,as I`m goner up grade to the new 1GB 280x card from Nvidia hopefully....

So if you want I can give you first offers on the card if you like......

I forget to say that in order to get the best out of gameplay ,you really need to get on TS ,Vent or use the ingame speech to type when so much action is happening can cause you DEATH......
Cross of Iron
To give you an idea of size of map......SS is of a town called Pariso on the island in Arma..this is by no-means the biggest of the 22 cities ,but is one of the largest......for sale you can see a T72 parked on the open ground just down from the church and to the left on the airfield you can see a Hind Gunship on the runway.

Throw in the SS of my flight and also of the T72......

Click to view attachment Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment

THE Mechanic
I played for about 2 hours last night..Still crashing and burning though.

The maps are so massive it takes for ever to get to your next waypoint if your on foot.

I found the time warp to be of some help..suddenly your in a firefight looking feverishly for your opponent.

I have LOTS to learn in the commands section,key boards cammands and memorizing them effectively.

It will be some time before i even think about joining a coppertive game play on the net.

I dont want to get discuraged or frustrated too soon..i think for now i'll stick with single player and learn as much as posable before going that route.

So far im quite happy with the way my rig is able to run this game.The real test will be when i get the the game and load probebly 6 gb,and then i'll really see if this card is up to snuff.

Cross by all means if you get an offer for your present card in the near future sell it off,dont wait on me.

I appreciate your offer for sure.but i think i'll get some more Ram and see if that may help runnuing the game out of the box and go from there.

Cross of Iron
No problem about the card ,am still thinking about the up grade anyways........

As for multiplayer I always make a server for Matt and myself to play in along with Snot Rocket from time to you could always learn in there.........

Have got the Projected Requirements for ARMA 2 ....

ArmA 2 is latest military simulation game for PC DVD-ROM and next generation consoles from Bohemia Interactive.

ArmA 2 is set in the near future, year 2009, in a fictional post soviet country called Chernarus. Players will be sent as members of a United States Marine Corps Force Recon squad to this country to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure ongoing stability there.

ArmA 2 is based on the latest generation technology, offering large–scale game world, authentic and extremely detailed modern units, weapons, vehicles and environments, challenging single player and vast array of multiplayer options.

ArmA 2 is Game 2.

Projected Minimal PC System Requirements
  • Dual Core CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • GPU with Shader Model 3 and 256 MB RAM
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
<A name=Projected_Optimal_PC_System_Requirements>
Projected Optimal PC System Requirements
  • Quad Core CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Fast GPU (8800GT level) with Shader Model 3 and 512 or more MB RAM
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
and you can also play the whole campaign as a multiplayer 4 man squard

I have a question, when folks like the developers of this came specify that the minimum requirements are for a 2 Core, and the optimal are for a Quad core, one would assume this means they are writing their code so it can handle multithreads. Anyone know if this is actually the case, or are they just blowing smoke up our ass?

This came up the other day when someone was telling me about a Dell package that included Dell's odd 24" monitor (odd because of the narrow vertical resolution). I compared the package to Apple's 24" iMac which boasts a 2.8 Ghz dual core. The Dell had something like 2.33 quad. If ArmA actually is multi-threaded, the dual core still might be a better choice (two 1.4 chips) whereas the Dell is running four 575 chips. I suppose we'd have to turn this discussion over to speed experts, but it seemed to me that the iMac offered a better deal at the same price point. The Dell came with a wimpy 256MB ATI Radeon HD3650 graphics card, but had a decent SATA drive. The only real drawback to the iMac was you had to buy your own Windows OS and it isn't upgradeable.

I bought the 2.8 iMac when it first came out. I've remained impressed with its speed, silence and glorious screen, and now that you can pick one up via the Apple refurbished store for $1500, it seems to be an outstanding deal. Of course, I longed for the ultimate speed, so I picked up a Mac Pro Xeon with the new Harpertown processor. The thing is smoking fast.

Dean, have you made the leap to Vista yet, or will they have to peel your copy of XP from your cold, dead hands?
Cross of Iron
No-way will I have that crap on my computer...........

I have it on my buisness comp and I hate how it asks you 3 god damn times if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want something deleted.......

God sake I do stop asking me 3 times ,its like having a 2nd wife ,but at least I can switch that one off.....

Cross of Iron
A little news story from the BBC about the British Army using VBS2 to train their troops.

This is what Arma came from....

Price = VBS $1500

= Arma $40


THE Mechanic
Hey Cross, I just bought 2gb of ram from Dell.

The memory type i have now is DDR2-SDRAM PC2-4300 {266MHZ}-[DDR2-533]

Two sticks have 512 mb of ram and one has 1 gb of ram.

I've decided to remove the two sticks of 512 and replace them with 1 gb each.

So i'll have 3 gb of ram tottal.

Now considering its Christmas and i Never buy anything for myself around this hellhole I've decided to go all the way and buy a new Video card as well.

I have looked at many types of cards but dont quite know where to go from here.Spec wise when it comes to this machine.

Do you have any recomendations as to what type card i should buy .My budget is open however im not going to go too crazy..3 bills tops...

Do you need any other stats on this machine, i could post to help you understand the limits of my computer.


THE Mechanic
Cross I've been looking at these cards but dont know if they exceed my computers power specs.


Cross of Iron
well the cards I always use are nvidia ,but its up to you .. Like I said before I have a Geforce 8800 GTS 768mb and I like it ..........cost me around 350 last year son has the overclocked version of the same card but its a 512 and I can`t really see a diference

The only thing is I had to upgrade the power supply from 350watt to a 800watt for the card and upgrade the fan (for overheating purpose).So you need to take that into consideration.

I just go for the top of the range card when I buy a new one ,as I really don`t bother with the money side of it ,as its the only thing I "treat" my money on.

Last time I looked the 8800GTS was 6th on the card list for nvidia.

I hear that the 9 series of the cards are good ,but I never had one as they came out 2 weeks after I got this one.

Sorry I cant help you more.....

Maybe Druid or Hamma can take this one up...?????

THE Mechanic
Here's one i found...
Cross of Iron
I hear thats agood card ...power supply that I would put in would be 550 min and up.
Russ, you ought to compare notes with Chris. He learned a ton as he built his custom rig. He found some terrific deals. Of course, by now he is probably deep into that case of wine, so good luck getting a readable response from him, but have fun trying! LOL.
THE Mechanic
Well i ordered the Arma Gold Edition today ,should arrive at the same time the Ram gets here.

So i'll pop the ram in first,and see how it runs with my x800xt card.

Cross ..Your "Future Moving Noob Target" should be available Sooon! tongue.gif


Genocide Junkie
Hey Mech I'm guessing if you bought the RAM direct from Dell you got reamed on it. I know they were expensive when dad had a dell.... might want to check that out.
THE Mechanic
QUOTE(Genocide Junkie @ 12/19/08 7:58pm) *
Hey Mech I'm guessing if you bought the RAM direct from Dell you got reamed on it. I know they were expensive when dad had a dell.... might want to check that out.

Geno,You may be right..

I payed $51.04.

For the 2 1gb ram sticks.

I went through them because they scan your computer and set you up with the correct type of ram if that makes any sense.

About 4 years ago i bought ram from them 1 gb and i think it was like $60 then.


THE Mechanic
Geno...Man were you right ...

I just found the same 1 gb Ram sticks..

For get this kingston type $9.00..I got ripped.

When I'm in the market for a new Video card..I'd like your imput if thats alright.

I;ve seen your posts over there in regards to cards and price..You are the

Off subject.

I really get a kick out of you Owning your Ena-Mee's.

And you getting verbaly abused for your exceptional play.

Are you sure you don't have a Hack program running in the back ground unsure.gif ,you took on the whole MOB tribe last time out and kicked Flora Dora...LOL.. wink.gif


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