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Full Version: Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor
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Lots of big news for the Cooperative horror/zombie shooter FPS fans.

I know several of you guys are playing "Left 4 Dead". One of the few games released in the last few years which I would describe as groundbreaking. One of the few complaints to haunt this game is lack of content. Well that problem has been fixes because Value has just released the mod tools for the game. So you can expect to see all kinds of new stuff in the coming weeks.

Plus, L4D now has head to head competition in the newest release from tripwire called "Killing Floor"
Downloadable off steam for $20
Even though I wasn't a big fan of Tripwire's last game ( Red Orchestra ), Tripwire did a fantastic job of supporting the RO players an community, 10x better than Infinity Ward did supporting the COD series.
Tripwire has always impressed me by how much they interacted with the players an willing to listen an implement suggestions to the game. Hell of a lot better than the lip service Infinity Ward did for the COD community.
For example it took over 6 months for Value to release the SDK mod tools to left 4 dead.
Tripwire released a full set of SDK tools including full documentation the same day the game was released.
Itís obvious the only reason value even released the mod tools is to compete with Killing Floor. Pathetic that people have been begging for the SDK pack for months but value waited to release it until the exact same day Killing Floor came out.
Genocide Junkie
There's a new L4D scheduled for release in the fall.
I started out as a huge fan of L4D but it's starting to wear on me. To me it's in growing need of a new twist but I don't think L4D part 2 is it. The fan base is up in arms, Valve had a great game on it's hands with L4D but has decided to drop if for a quick buck by releasing the next version before they deal with some of the issue in the original. Seems short sighted to me. I also don't understand the switch to a bright cartoonish color scheme in part 2. It's contradictory to the feel an appeal of the original. Same goes for the change in gameplay, now it's sped up like a wild arcade game.

I'm almost completely burnt out on FPS games in general. I'm considering taking a break an playing some flight sims. Thats what I use to play before I got into MOHAA.
The trailer looks cool.

Having broad daylight is different.

I took a chance on the first one and i love it. Most of my clan plays it. I am guessing we will all get the second one.

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