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predictions? im more excited about this event then the 3 for some reason.
Genocide Junkie
Lesner, GSP (although Alves gives him a fight), Henderson.... Now, go bet large sums of money on the people they fight. Promise you you'll be rich.

Whoever I pull for loses. Although I can't really say I'm pulling for anyone other than Henderson. I would be completely stoked if Lesner and Mir managed to knock each other out. I don't think Mir has an answer for Lesner this time though. He won't be stupid enough to leave a leg sticking out again. I don't really like GSP but I figure he'll win. I hope Hendo manages to rip that cocky Brit's voice box out. I wish it was Franklin getting the fight. I honestly think the UFC had a hand in the Hendo/Franklin decision. I'm not big on conspiracy theory's but there was nowhere for the UFC to take the 185lb division if Franklin had won. At least this way they have a contender in Hendo for a rematch, or Bisbing for an absolute mauling. Come to think of it I hope Bisping wins. Then Silva can dismantle him.

I really hope they get to show the undercard fights. Stephan Bonar fights Mark Coleman and then Jon Jones fights as well. That guy could very well end up being a beast in the division. He's really raw but he put it on Bonar a few months ago. I'm doubting they get to show more than one or two fights.

A couple of months ago I was really thinking there weren't very many interesting fights out there. But it looks like there are a few. The 101 card looks really good. Not sure when but Machida/Rua and Evans/Rampage are also confirmed. Hope Rampage puts a beating on that disrespectful piece of hood trash.

A couple of months ago I was really thinking there weren't very many interesting fights out there. But it looks like there are a few. The 101 card looks really good. Not sure when but Machida/Rua and Evans/Rampage are also confirmed. Hope Rampage puts a beating on that disrespectful piece of hood trash. [/quote]friend of mine just emailed me and said he has an extra free ticket for 101,im flying up there for sure!! plus its been 9 years since i had a real cheesteak sub.
I'm almost excited for UFC 100 as I was for the Evans/Machida match.
Sadly, I have a feeling I will be disappointed in several of the matches.

Brock Lesnar Vs. Frank Mir
I would love to see Mir pull out another submission win but I doubt it will happen. Lesnar is the 3/1 favorite but it has little to do with MMA skill. There are a lot of MMA stars with a wrestling background but he's the only who is still a one dimensional wrester while the others became true MMA fighters. I'll give him credit, of the current fighters coming from collegiate or Greco-Roman wrestling, Brock has by far the best record but this isn't wrestling. If it was just a matter of his great wrestling skills, he would be another nobody in MMA. Brock only becomes a contender when you add in his freak size an speed.
I never been a fan of Brocks but after watching his interview during 100 greatest fights count down, I went from dislike to disgust. Crying like a little bitch about his 1st fight with Mir. Complaining about Mazzagatti deducting a point an standing them back up after Brocks illegal strikes to the back up the head. Crying about how he didn't get a warning. Well dumb-ass, you're suppose to know the rules before the fight.
The only reason most other fighters get warning is because they actually have some skill and are throwing punches to the side of the head and are warned to watch the back of the head. Mr. no-skill Brock went straight to his Donkey Kong hammer fist to the back of Mir's head because that's all he knows.
Then to remove all doubt that brock is just a huge freaking baby, complains about how long it took the Ref to save him after he tapped out. I guess it's the Ref's fault Brock didn't know how to properly tap out.
How can anyone like Brock after he implied his size wasn't a factor in his wins. What the hell?? He's the only HW who has to cut to make weight. He'll easily have 35 lbs on Mir tomorrow.
Mir will have to pull out a submission within the 1st two rounds or the fight will be over.
Sadly I will have to pick Lesnar by ref stoppage due to stikes but will be laughing my ass off if Mir pulls out the win.

Georges St-Pierre Vs. Thiago Alves
Got to give it to GSP but I'm sure Alves will be a title holder in the next 2 years. Alves is a freaking machine but GSP will take him down an then control from the top.

Jon Fitch Vs. Paulo Thiago
Good fight but Fitch will pull out the win.

Dan Henderson Vs. Michael Bisping
Dan was a monster in Pride but this isn't Pride. He's a little older and slower, I think Bisping will either get the decision or win due to his better striking. If Dan gets him down, then I think he will control the fight. I just don't see Dan winnign from GnP or sub.

Mark Coleman Vs. Stephan Bonnar
Hope the other fights are quick enough so this fight gets shown.
Bonnar for the win
Just watched the pre-fight interviews.
Amazingly, Brock has sunk even lower in my already mediocre opinion of him. You have to give him credit for being a great athlete and wrestler . Those two things don't change the fact he's a 280lb douche bag.
Makes a big deal at the pre-fight interview, how he doesn't have anything to say beside thanking his team and trainers. "That's it. I'm out of here". Dana stops him from leaving and makes him set back down to finish the interview. Smacking his gum the whole time like a freaking idiot, guess those farm boys were never taught to chew with their mouth closed.
I saved the best for last. This removes all doubt concerning if he belongs in MMA.
What does Brock list on his bio under accomplishments as a pro Athlete: WWE Champion

I'm also sick to death of hearing from Brock nuthuggers about his MMA record.
Sorry but it's not that great.
1) Lost to Mir. Brock nuthuggers cry about how lucky Mir was to get the sub. What fight were they watching. Mir is known for having a very active/dangerous guard. In less than 2 minutes he attempted or partially had
an arm bar
another arm bar
looks like he started out trying for a heel hook but slide up to far so transitioned into a knee bar.
2) Win against Randy Couture, I'm a huge fan of Couture, great guy and a great champ but lets be honest. He was almost 45 years old an not in his best form. Not to mention the fact he one of the lighter/smaller fighters in the HW division. Brock had 50+ lbs on him, so I'm not surprised Brock was able to control the fight. To be honest I was impressed how well Couture did considering the weight, strength and age advantage of Brock.
3) Win against Heath Herring. Props to Brock, he completely controlled the fight, can't argue that. My question would be why couldn't he finish the fight, it never should have gone to a decision. Brock devastated Herring early in the 1st round but was unable to finish him off during the next 10 minutes. To me it shows a huge hole in Brock's game.

Anyway.... guess we'll see tomorrow night.

Not directly related to the UFC but funny as hell. One of Joe Rogans funnier moments
Genocide Junkie
The fights actually lived up to the billing for a change. They all went as I expected although I thought Alves might give GSP a little trouble and he didn't. I could not be more thrilled that Bisbing got his head knocked of his shoulders and THEN pounded through the floor. That had to be the two sickest punches I've seen and they came back to back to the same guy. That was brutal. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy (unless it was Lesner and or Mir).

Speaking of Lesner and Mir. I would have been happy either way as long as someone got beat down. Mir really rocked him I think with that punch and back to back knees. Too bad for him Lesner hits like his sister. That is if his sister is a huge bull dike. I agree that Lesner is trash though. He's just plain too big for everyone else in the division. I think actual fighting skill is very little of his reason for winning. I couldn't dislike him more. But I don't like Mir either.

I keep trying to like GSP but even given his abilities I just don't like him. I'd like to see those two fight again. I know it was one sided but I really think he has it in him to challenge GSP.

I was really bummed they didn't show the Coleman/Bonnar fight. They had time and I feel a bit cheated. Oh well... guess I can't complain. At least the other 3 fights were good.
Hendos KO was awesome! the highlight of my evening. I thought alves would do something and gsp looked tired last night.
Lesner is just plain boring to watch.
Here is my personal analysis of UFC 100

Damn fine fight night!!!!!!
But.... I think it came up a little short seeing as how it was suppose to be a big historic event.

Yoshihiro Akiyama Vs. Alan Belcher
I like Joe Rogan but he has once again shows his bias against Asian fighters.
When Joe exclaimed Belcher was robbed in the decision, I kind of agreed at first. Now after watching the fight a 2nd time, I see it was a lot closer of a fight than I originally thought. Definitely not a clear win for Belcher as Rogan implied. If nothing else it proves again why fighters have to give a 100% to try an end the fight so it won't go to a decision. It also proves MMA is in desperate need of a update or complete revamping of how fights are scored. The 10 point system has a lot of problems when it comes to scoring MMA.
People say Belcher was robbed because he did more damage. It's true Akiyama's face was a mess but that doesn't automatically mean Belcher fought better.
Akiyama threw more punches
Akiyama landed a higher percentage of punches, so was the more accurate of the two
Akiyama also had a much higher number of head strikes
Akiyama attempted an complete 3 take-downs while Belcher never even tried.
The only place Belcher was winning was by his leg kicks.

Georges St-Pierre Vs. Thiago Alves
Great fight. GSP once again shows why he is the champ. I don't know why Geno doesn't like him because I've always thought GSP was great. Always very modest in his wins an congratulatory to his opponents ( except for Penn of course )
Alves is a top contender but GSP easily dominated him. Losing would be bad enough but getting so completely dominated after training for months would have to suck. I honestly felt sorry for Alves after the fight when he was in his dressing room crying. For proof of just how powerful Alves is at WW, look how easily he could power out of GSP's control while on the ground. Damn impressive, anyone else any the fight would have ended by GnP the 2nd time GSP took them down.
I did laugh my ass off when GSP told his corner man he had pulled his groin. which his corner man replied
"I don't care, go hit him with your groin"
GSP has been pulled for the injury until Jan of next year. Not that it matters because he was already planning on taking a year off to try an put on some muscle so he could move up a weight class an fight Silva.
Personally I don't like this matchup. Silva could easily fight LHW. So he's going to still easily going to outsize GSP when he moves up a weight class. Plus Silva is a striker who will have a large reach advantage. I think GSP could have a decent chance as long as he could get it to the ground. I just think it would have been a more fair fight if they did a catch weight. Unless it's going to be a title fight so they would have to fight at MW.
Two very cool fighters, who went out for drinks together after the fight.

Brock Lesnar Vs. Frank Mir
I hoped Mir would be able to pull out the win but it went about like what I thought it would.
The UFC has grown over the last several years because they have sold themselves as a legitimate modern day technical combat sport. Lesnar's win just sent that image back several years.
* Lesnar's unsportsmanlike like conduct after the fight, acting like a bitch to Mir after he won.
* Flipping off the fans after the win.
* Telling the UFC's biggest sponsor ( Bud ) they can kiss his ass
Good job Dana promoting Lesnar if you want the UFC to be more like the WWE.
I can't begin to explain how disgusted I am right now, almost as disgusted as I am with the Lesnar nuthuggers. Implying Lesnar won due to his skill? What the fuck are these people smoking?
There is a 65lb weight range for the Heavy Weight division 205-265. This just happens to be the same range as all the other weight classes combined, ( Lightweight - over 145 lbs. to 155 lbs to Light Heavyweight - over 185 lbs. to 205 lbs. ) If Mir an Lesnar were lighter weight fighters, they would be separated by 3 weight classes.
The HW division is so weak right now it's a joke. The only real contender would be Carwin if he can get by Cain. Carwin coming in at 260lbs would partially negate one of Brocks advantages. White keeps talking about signing Fedor but according to Fedor it won't happen. The only other hope for the Division is if the UFC can sign Barnett after his fight with Fedor.
Easy proof the UFC is in full freak out mode trying to defend Lesnar. After UFC 100 there were dozens of youtube clips showing how big of an asshole Lesnar is.
The flipping off fans
His poor sportsmanship after the fight.
His comments where he attacked one of the UFC's biggest sponsors.
His juvenile remarks after the fight how he was going to mount his wife an pound on her just like Mir.
All the videos were quickly pulled at the request of UFC lawyers, many were then replaced with Lesnar's ( UFC improved an completely orchestrated ) post fight interview he gave after Dana White ripped his ass for 5 minutes straight.

Dan Henderson Vs. Michael Bisping
Great knockout. Most people won't agree but I didn't think Hendo looked all that good. All he did the whole fight was look for that one big knockout. Which he may not have gotten if Bisping had fought better. Heck, his own corner kept yelling at him not to circle towards Hendo's power hand. There is a chance Bisping could have won a decison with his more accurate striking an staying away from Hendo's power. I think the reason Bisping got caught was simply fear, he looked scared during the whole fight.
That 2nd hit from Hendo was brutal, a diving forearm smash with all his weight behind it.
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