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Even though i wont be able to watch it i think Florian over Penn .i want to say Silva but Griffin gets an upset.
I wish I could get excited for this event but just can't do it even though I'm a big Griffin fan.

Florian vs Penn
I think Florian will give Penn a good fight but Penn will take it. The only way I see Florian winning is if it goes into later rounds an Penn gases I just don't care about either of the fighters, Florian is to cocky while Penn is simply a bitch in general. After all of Penn's accusation about GSP greasing, now he's made even a bigger fool of himself by claiming GSP is on steroids. At this point Penn could defend his title for another 5 years but his legacy will always be a spoiled rich kid who couldn't handle defeat.

Silva vs Griffin
I think Griffin will push the fight enough to make it more interesting than Silva's last 2 snooze fest. Sadly being able to push the fight doesn't amount to winning the fight. I was on vaction recently an spent a lot of time hanging out by the pool, during which I read Griffin's new book. It was kind of interesting because the book came out before this fight was announced. In the book he talks about how he's a decent fighter because he trains hard an has a never quit attitude but will never be a great like Anderson Silva. Several times during the book he talks about the great fighters in the sport, mentioning Silva more often than any other fighter. Forrest was very humble in the book an basically admitted him winning the LHW title was a fluke. Sadly, even if Forrest was to win this fight he wouldn't get the credit he deserves because everyone will atomatically attribute the win to Silva moving up a weight class

Overall I'm probably more interesting in some of the undercard and prelim fights
Amir Sadollah vs. Johny Hendricks - Big fan of Sadollah. If he doesn't make it as a fighter he will probably end up as commentator
Kendall Grove vs. Ricardo Almeida - I always enjoy watching these former TUF fighters.
I hope to see atleast one of the prelims because both of these should be good.
George Sotiropoulos vs. George Roop
Thales Leites vs. Alessio Sakara- I can't believe they bumped Leites back down to prelim after a single lose to Silva.

As proof of how unconcerned I am with the UFC 101 Title fight, I would rather watch Torres & Bowles fight for the WEC Bantamweight Championship. I'm amazed Torres doesn't get more press, He is the only person in MMA right now to beat Fedor's record of 30-1 ( Torres is 31-1 )
talk about a fixed fight,Silva Griffin was a joke.

Just about every MMA forum right now has at least one topic about the Silva-Griffin fight being fixed. In my opinion there is no way in hell that would really happen. As much as I dislike Silva, this is simply more proof just how dominate of a fighter he is. There are mixed reports Griffin may have suffered a dislocated jaw the 2nd time he was dropped, which would definitely explain why he was easily dropped again.
Like I said earlier, Forrest discussed in his book winning the LHW belt was a fluke an how he wasn't in the same class as people like Silva.
I didn't expect Forrest to win but I thought he would be able to do better. Unfortunately for Griffin it was obvious he was practically standing still compared to Silva during the exchanges. Silva's striking ability is unseen except for in pro boxing. The only way someone is going to beat Silva standing is with a extremely lucky hit. I was completely disgusted when Silva helped Griffin back up after the 2nd knockdown. It seemed so arrogant like a bully letting a kid up so he can knock him down again because he knows he didn't haven anything to fear. I changed my mind about helping Forrest up as being unsportsmanlike after hearing the post fight interviews. In the post fight interview, Silva said it was done out of respect for Griffin being brave enough to stand and trade punches unlike Leites who refused to fight in Silva's previous fight.
While I still don't care for Silva or the way he fights, I can't deny he's one of the best in the world.
BTW if you haven't heard, Silva plans to stay and fight at 205. He's willing to fight anyone at 205 except for Machida, which is to bad because I think Machida is the only person with the right skills to be a serious threat. It would be interesting to see how Silva handles some of the better wrestler/grapplers at 205.

Penn vs. Florian
Like i said earlier, don't care about this fight at all. I don't care for Florian and hate Penn for being such a bitch. With that said, props to Penn for finally taking his belt serious and training for a 5 round fight. Penn was definitely in better shape then he been in years. Looking forward to Penn vs. Sanchez. Penn is a much better fighter overall but Diego Sanchez may run him over with crazy energy.

Amir Sadollah Vs. Johny Hendricks
Not the worse stoppage ever but definitely early. Very disappointed with this as I was really looking forward to seeing Amir fight.

Kendall Grove Vs. Ricardo Almeida
Boring fight ended by decision

Josh Neer Vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Boring fight ended by decision an a great example of why the scoring system needs fixed.
MMA judges should understand by now that once the fight goes to the ground it's a grappling match not freaking wrestling. Sure people should get points for a take down but not for holding someone down while not improving their position. Again this is not wrestling where top position is always dominate. This is grappling where 50% of the time the person on the bottom wins the fight.
There were a few times I thought this should have been stood back up. I agree Pell won the fight, I just hate the scoring system doesn't give enough credit to Neer who was so active from the bottom an constantly trying to end the fight.

Shane Nelson Vs. Aaron Riley
Clear win for Riley but another boring decision.

George Sotiropoulos Vs. George Roop
Great showing by Sotiropoulos. I think he should have won a bonus since he was the only prelim fighter to finish his fight and not go to a decision.
The bonuses Dana gave out were stupid. Should have been......
Sotiropoulos submission of the night
Penn/Florian fight of the night
Silva knockout of the night.

UFC101 Declaration should have been called UFC 101 Disappointment or maybe UFC 101 Decision since almost all the fights went to decision.

I just watched another post fight interview from Dana where he claims the Griffin fight confirms Silva as the best overall fighter in the Pound4pound rankings. It was clear this was a stab at Fedor.
As I said earlier, Silva is without a doubt the best striker in any weight class in the UFC and one of the best in all of MMA. Being best striker doesn't automatically make him the best overall in all of MMA.
You want to know why Silva was afraid to engage Thales Leites on the ground to finish the fight, because he knows he's vulnerable there. All 4 of his loses took place on the ground.

As good as his stand up is, this is how good some people are on the ground.
A beautiful flying scissor heel hook resulting in a quick tapout by Silva

Silva get caught in a triangle

Unsportsmanlike conduct in his fight with Okami.
Silva tried to keep the fight up but was taken down. Gets frustrated after taking a couple of shots while on his back. Then responds with an illegal upkick which Silva gets disqualified for. I could understand him maybe not knowing the kick was illegal ( same as knees to a downed opponent in the UFC.) Up kicks are okay if the opponent is standing but are illegal, same as soccer kicks if the person is down on his knees. I can give Silva the benefit of the doubt he didn't know the kick was illegal but there is no excuse for the referee needing to repeatedly pull Silva away from a fighter he just knocked out with a foul.
Have you ever seen someone try so hard to continue a fight after the ref stops it? Even worse, after the fight Silva called the Okami a coward for winning the fight that way.
Silva gets disqualified because of the kick
Has to be repeatedly pulled off a knocked out fighter
Then has the balls to call the other guy a coward? That's fucked up.

Oh well..... Time to make some popcorn, kick back an watch Torres & Bowles fight for the WEC title.
i was really surprised at the Torres /Bowles outcome,i guess that's what you get when you have a mullet.
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