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Genocide Junkie
Predictions for UFC 126? Silva vs Belfort, Griffin vs Franklin, Jones vs Bader

I keep seeing people predict Belfort to win. I think they are putting too much stock into Anderson's last sub par outing against Sonnen and the boredom he experienced fighting everyone else the past couple years. Anderson via violence 1st or 2nd round ....

I think Franklin beats Forrest. Probably by decision since neither of them is particularly powerful. I like both these guys so its hard to pull for one over the other...

Jones v Bader is probably the most interesting fight to me. There's a lot of hype behind Jones.... And he's been one of my favorite fighters to watch but I'm not sure how to call this one.

Also, Strikeforce card was another good one. Anyone see it? Will be interesting to see if their HW tournament can make them relevant....
As much as I dislike Silva, I don't think he's going to lose. I am looking forward to this event more than the many other recent ones. Silva vs Belfort will be interesting because this will be the 1st high level fighter Silva has faced. Sure, Hendo is know for his knockouts but he's a one trick pony with power, nothing more Same could be said about any other strikers Silva has faced, they were all more more brawlers, not technical strikers. We've seen Silva duck away from people if they get a good punch in. Hopefully Belfort will land some good strikes to take Silva out of his comfort zone.

Franklin vs Forrest.... I really like both of these guys even though they are now probably closer to gate keepers vs real contenders. I know alot of people like to give Forrest a hard time after his Silva fight but I will always be a fan. I think I really like both of them because neither one is naturally gifted like so many other top level fighter, they just work hard to rise above their limitations and do it because they like to test themselves.

Jones v Bader... I think both of theses guys have a real chance to be champ one day. I'm going with Jones but I think Bader is a total badass who is being written off way to easy. Yes Jones is better but Bader is a real step up in competition. I can't believe the betting line is -350/+250.

I'm looking forward to several of the prelim fights.
Gabe Ruediger vs. Paul Taylor.... I just want to see Gabe get beat up on. If you don't remember Gabe Ruediger, he's the dumbass from TUF who got kicked off for not working to make weight. The idiot who kept getting enema's and carried in an out of the steam room crying about he couldn't do it.

Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly..... Really like Cerrone, he always puts on good fights

Miguel Torres vs. Antonio Banuelos, It's always interesting to see someone like Torres who has a record of 42/3 but was mostly self trained. It will be interesting to see what this guy can do in the next few years backed by a real trainer and camp.

I normally get the events the next day but I'll definitely be buying this one, having a UFC party.
Genocide Junkie
Although the fights weren't that competitive I thought they were good. Jones is a beast, Silva... just wow, and I knew the Franklin/Forrest fight would be fairly close but I thought there would be more violence. I'm not crazy about fights where someone wins because they are just plain bigger than the other guy. I feel like that's mostly what happened here...

Going forward... screw Silva v GSP, lets see Silva v Jones!
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