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As I mentioned earlier, I'm a huge Bas Rutten fan. For anyone interested in MMA, I would recommend a listen to Joe Rogan's recent webcast where he interviewed Bas. It's around 2 hrs with a few slow spot but worthwhile to anyone who wants to hear about the early days of MMA. Due to the length of the interview I ripped the audio an listened to it during my commute to work and back over the course of 2 days.
My only disappointment was not hearing Bas rip into Steven Segal again over Segal claiming to have taught Silva how to do a front high kick.

A little more web goodness is Wanderlei Silva's new reality show “Fighter Life". It's an in depth look at 14 fighter he is currently training at his gym. The show is available on
In my opinion it's whats missing from the TUF show.
Interesting personal take on the Ax murdered Wanderlei Silva by Don Fry

It's unfortunately Silva had so much facial surgery done to remove scar tissue, he use to have one of the most badass mean faces during pre-fights, now after the surgery he's got some Micheal Jackson freakishness going on around his eyes.
Genocide Junkie
One thing about Vandi is that he ALWAYS puts on an exciting fight. He doesn't destroy people like he use to but still one of my fav's. I thought he was probably some guy who was seriously disturbed after watching him fight a few times. The violence was just unreal. But he seems to be a really grounded and genuinely nice guy.
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