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Genocide Junkie
Wow. Who's going to challenge this kid? Anderson Silva? I'm almost speechless. Scary to think about his potential. And he's already champion.... wow.
I don't want to take anything away from his performance because it was perfect. The reality is Shogun didn't show up to fight. That was the shogun who lost to Forrest and barely finished an over the hill Coleman. My god, he had a freaking muffin top, definitely not in good shape, plus he looked like he was starting to gas in round 1.

I think Jones would easily take Silva. His reach would help counter Silva superior striking and Silva has already shown his big weakness is wrestling. I new Jones had a crazy reach but didn't realize just how much until someone pointed out he has a longer reach 84.5" than Stefan "The Skyscraper" Struve who stand 6'11" and has a reach of 83"

Overall it was a great event. I really hated to see CroCop lose. Doesn't care about the money at all, which is why he's the only fighter in the UFC that doesn't have a sponser banner behind him during the pre-fight introductions. It has to be terrible to be so driven to compete only to find your no longer competitive.

The Barboza vs Njokuani was the best fight I'vee seen in awhile. Personally i think Njokuani should have won.
Genocide Junkie
I keep seeing Shogun fans making the same excuse you are giving about him being out of shape or not showing up to fight. BUT he took a solid flying knee to the face 4 seconds in. You'd be gassed after that too. We very easily could have been talking about the fastest stoppage in a championship fight ever. That was just the start for him. He got taken down 25 seconds into the fight. As he got up two mins later he ate a huge knee to the body and a clean kick to the face. That was another blow the Shogun fans were complaining about. Said it was illegal. Although clearly his hand was off the mat when it landed. Stupid rule to begin with. Sort of ironic that Shogun fans were complaining about soccer kicks to the face of a downed opponent.... Anyway, after that there's not a person in MMA that would have kept going and not been gassed. Other than Clay Guida maybe.

I would argue the opposite from you that he completely showed up to fight. Anyone who takes those blows and that spinning elbow that put his head in some chicks lap in the third row was there to fight. That was almost as impressive as Guida getting up after Diego Sanchez punted his melon through customs.

As far as how he looked I just looked at the walk ins again from the machida fight and the jones fight and he looks as good as he did against Machida to me. I don't see a muffin top but he's not super cut in either one. But I wouldn't expect a guy who can fight at 185 to be chissled going into a 205 fight.

I still can't really figure out how he got a title shot to begin with. Beating an over the hill Coleman and Chuck who had been put to sleep a few times in a row just didn't add up to a title shot. I guess there just wasn't anyone else at the time that deserved one either.

I've been on the Jones band wagon for a while but he did some things in that fight that sort of turned me off to him a bit. I realize that holding the throat of an opponent and blocking their air passages are legal but it's dirty. And he doesn't need to use them. He's had some other fights with questionable strikes, the Hamil DQ and he hit Bonnar in the back of the head with that spinning elbow. So far I've given him the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't all intentional but I sort of wonder a bit now. Either way he's going to be a handful for anyone they put in front of him. Can't wait to see him pound Rashad out.
Shoguns never been very cut when compared to most other fighters. Shogun has more of a stocky look same as Penn. I think there was an obvious difference between how he looked at the Jones weigh-in when compared to the 2 previous Machida fights. Noticeably more fat on him, not a lot but you wouldn't expect to see any from someone who just cut weight. You can also see a big difference between his arms when he poses after they announce his weight compares to the previous 2 fights. Something that was widely disused even prior to the fight was his prior history concerning poor training habits during long layoffs. This isn't the Pride killer who trained at Chute box. He now sets his own training without a real camp.
With that said, I'm not making excuses for Shogun, I think Jones fought a perfect fight. I think Jones would take that fight 9 times out of ten. Jones may very well be the 1st dominate LHW champ since Liddell ruled the division. Strangely enough, even though Shogun beat Machida, i think Machida would be the best match for Jones.

I wasn't a big fan of Jones but he's really grown on me after the last few interviews. I really looking forward to his 1st title defense, can't wait to see him mop the floor with Rashad who has proven for the 100th time what a douche he is.
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