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Hello everyone,
Hope you are are all well and alive.
Just to wanted so say hello to everyone that comes here once in a while and thanks for the old times.

And same time to apologised the way i have reacted 20 years ago..seen some of my posts and realised that sometimes I was a wanker sad.gif sad.gif back then in my 20’s I didn’t care much but now at 45 realised the mistakes I have done back then.

Good luck to all of you 2_thumbs_up_-_animated.gif 2_thumbs_up_-_animated.gif

P.s Thanks Drew/Robert for keeping this site still alive and sorry for being a wanker to you too or back then.
Hey Shadow,

Saw this quite a few months after the fact. smile.gif So much time has elapsed since those days I don't think any of us should be held to how we reacted. I hope all is well.

Who are you telling! I was a young teenager. Im getting married next month. I just happened to see this because I was talking to my Dad about my gaming days.
Congratulations! I hope all goes well. Yeah, it was a lonnnggg time ago and I look back at those days fondly. Sometimes, I wonder if some would be interested in "meeting" back up on a discord or something.
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